D e b  T o d d  W h e e l e r
Moth House
  in the daytime at night

56 Saturniidae silk moth cocoons and 14 eclosion chambers from which the moths will emerge over the course of the exhibit. Each day throughout the month, an enormous moth will crawl out, climb up its respective berth ladder, and hang while his or her wings inflate with fluid. What happens next involves the careful choreography of mating. Females release a pheromone to call the males, while the males fly around using their larger antennae to locate the females. The two hang paired for twenty-four hours, while the female's hundreds of eggs are fertilized. The female then lays her eggs and they rest, and eventually die. The life cycle of these moths is approximately 5-7 days.

In the spirit of Boston CyberArts Fest, (where Jane D. Marsching and Deb Todd Wheeler are exhibiting their individual work across town at the New Art Center in "Ballad of Hands and Wires) Moth House is a live sculptural science experiment; an inter-species sculptural collaboration. If the idea of large moths disturbs you, Moth House's arresting ethereal presence alone merits the trip to this remote spot.

Jane's Moth House images


  wall of empty cocoons   eclosion chambers  
  wall of sources