D e b  T o d d  W h e e l e r

  Ludicrum: naturalia, artificialia, scientifica catalog
  Deb Todd Wheeler Ludicrum version 2

Interactive installation of objects that hark back to 19th century scientific instruments. Viewers areinvited to step up to the sculptures, peer into intricately set lenses, and examine parodies of investigations of the balance of nature. Parasitic insects engage in at once ordinary and extraordinary activities, a beetle reads, a wasp falls in love, a bee gazes through a telescope, a black wasp talks on the telephone. As meditations on nature and inevitability, the tableaux parallel the daily routines and desires of the natural world with our own; wondrous microcosms pointing to macrocosmic order.





Installation views from the

John Michael Kohler Art Center

Sheboygan, WI

Oct - December 9, 2005




    Deb Todd Wheeler telescope Deb Todd Wheeler bugs
    Deb Todd Wheeler spiders