D e b  T o d d  W h e e l e r


Collaborative Projects


  artificial atmosphers   Artificial Atmospheres ARTIFICIAL ATMOSPHERES is a time based emersive installation of individual and collaborative works by sibling artists Robert Todd and Deb Todd Wheeler. Born in Houston, TX and raised in New York City suburbs, both artists relocated to Boston as young adults, where they have been working artists in conversation for decades. In recent years the theme of artificiality and the suspect positioning of the word “nature” became present in both artist’s works. Robert, a lyrical filmmaker who teaches at Emerson College, has been documenting the presence or absence of nature in the urban lived environment in a collection of hundreds of films. (?) Deb Todd’s practice spans multiple mediums, exploring plastic, biomimicry, and human angst. In 2012 they hatched a plan to work on the collaborative project, Artificial Atmospheres, and this exhibition presents the collaborative video works, as well as other indiviual audio visual explorations.
  LENNYcollective   LENNYcollective word of mouth music events
  lina maria giraldo   Wartime Nutrition Art on the Marquis (round 18) with collaborative videos by artist teams. Wartime Nutrition is a collaborative effort with Lina Maria Girald, using time lapse, crystal growing, green screening, exploring the intersection of food, science and violence.
  Marti Epstein   WEAVERY

Video meditations on contrails, collaborating with composer Marti Epstein to create a world premiere work for mezzo soprano, baritone, flute, and cello.

    Chromatic Energy Mirror (more info coming soon..) Funded by Artists in Context (link), the project explores theexperiential aspect of energy use in public spaces. This is a collaboration with Bec Conrad, Michael Nagle, and many others.

Pieces of 8

In this project, David O'Brien and I are making a bicycle driven 8 track player that will help us further our investigations into sound and wind velocity relationships.
  Emissions from the Ordinary From the exhibition, "SEANCE", with Jane Marsching.
  Instructions for Seeing Phantasmagora interupt the scientific inquiry of 2 pseudo scientists investigating light and visual perception. From the exhibition, "SEANCE" with Jane Marsching.
Deb Todd Wheeler Moth House
  Moth House 56 Saturnidae moths systematically hatch into this sculptural faux habitat. Magnified eclosion chambers, mating rituals, night flights all in a 3 week life cycle. Collab with Jane Marsching.
Deb Todd Wheeler Stain
  Stain A stain on a hospital window in Milton, MA resembles the virgin Mary. Does it? This video records the descriptions of what exactly the devout are seeing. Collab with Jane Marsching.






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